Digital Operational Resilience Act

What is DORA?

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is a European regulation that sets specific requirements for technology and information security management in organisations within the financial sector. This legislation also covers Information and Communication Technology (ICT) providers for these organisations, aiming to ensure robust operational resilience and effective protection against cyber risks.

Services offered by Strongstep

  • Implementation: A “turnkey” service where, through comprehensive consultancy, we ensure your company complies with DORA  
  • Audit: We conduct a detailed analysis of your IT and security practices, identifying areas for improvement
  • Training: Option to train your team on DORA
  • Continuous Support: We offer flexible consultancy options tailored to your organisation's needs

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Did you know that DORA is a requirement for financial entities and their ICT service providers, with the deadline for compliance set for 17 January 2025 ?

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Assessment of Normative Requirements

Identification of requirements with which the organization is not in compliance


Training and awareness-raising of those responsible for critical areas

Workshops & Follow-ups

Tailored to the content of documents and tools used, adapting to the company's context

Process Monitoring & Review

Moments of assessing the organisation's compliance level at different stages

Project Closure

Conduct a closure meeting with joint celebration and discussion of potential next steps


What are the benefits of implementing DORA for your company?

Operational Security and Resilience

Ensures readiness for cyber incidents, minimising operational disruptions and enhancing IT security, risk management, and data protection

Regulatory Compliance

Avoids severe penalties and protects your organisation's reputation by ensuring compliance with regulations

Competitive Advantage

Demonstrates a commitment to operational excellence and security, standing out in the market

Customer Trust

Increases trust among customers and partners, strengthening long-term relationships

Case Studies

What our customers say.

InnoWave joins the select group of international companies with ISO 27001 & GDPR certification with the support of Strongstep.


All organisations in the financial sector within the European Union and their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) suppliers are required to comply with DORA.

DORA covers IT risk management, operational resilience testing, cyber incident management, and continuous system monitoring.

DORA came into effect on 27th December 2022, with a 24-month implementation period. Organisations must be compliant by 17th January 2025.

Penalties for non-compliance can include significant fines and other regulatory sanctions that can impact the operation and reputation of the organisation.


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