ISO 27001

ISO 27001 implementation and certification provides the methodology for companies to find out what potential incidents or risks they are exposed to, in order to define procedures on how to change the behavior of their organization’s members and prevent such incidents from happening.

Regardless of whether it is for-profit or not-for-profit, of their size, whether it is governmental or private, any organization that has sensitive information can benefit from implementing ISO 27001.

By achieving certification, you display your organization’s commitment to robust security, ongoing risk management and protecting sensitive information, which bypasses the costumers’, suppliers’ and partners’ concerns.

Value Added

Legal compliance

The implementation of ISO 27001 is a reliable way to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and contractual requirements.


ISO compliance will save you money in the long run. Data breaches are expensive to resolve. By investing in information security, you can avoid costly security breaches. ISO 27001 is specifically designed to prevent incidents before they occur.


With concern over data protection at an all-time high, you can use ISO certification to win over clients by emphasising your company’s robust security. Customers care deeply about the protection and security of their data.

Risk Management

ISO27001 helps prevent data breaches from occurring, maintaining your customers’ trust in your company.

Implementation Steps

Initial Diagnosis

Identification of standards in which the organization is compliant with and suggestions for improvement


Adjusted to the content of the documents and tools used, adapting to the context of the company

Workshops & Follow-ups

Discussion on the topics and requirements of the standard and query handling

Internal Audits

Moments for assessing the organization's level of compliance at different stages


Assurance that the organization meets the requirements and applies the controls of the standard to obtain certification

What's new with the ISO 27001?

Starting in 2022, all companies that are certified in ISO 27001:2013 will need to transition to ISO 27001:2022 before their first surveillance or recertification audit in 2023.

The ISO 27001 implementation process will become clearer and simpler with the drafting of the new updates, and the changes are mainly about the reorganization of controls.

For organizations already certified to ISO 27001, the update of the standard will lead to the need to update the certification to ensure compliance with the current version of the standard.

For organizations still wishing to certify, it is still feasible to start the implementation process based on the version still in force, making the necessary adjustments later.

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ISO 27001 projects

Nomad Tech was one of our last customers to implement the Information Security standard.


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