The Digital Maturity Seals emerge as a measure from the Action Plan for Digital Transition to encourage the digital transformation of the economy.

These seals are granted to companies that adhere to standards and guidelines aligned with best practices and European requirements in four key dimensions: Sustentabilidade, Cibersegurança, Privacidade e Proteção de Dados e Acessibilidade.

Digital maturity certification is available for any organization, whether from the public or private sector. Organizations can choose the relevant and/or priority dimensions for their business based on their organization's needs.

O programa é desenvolvido em parceria com várias entidades certificadoras e é financiado no âmbito do Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência (PRR), para responder aos impactos da pandemia COVID-19.

4 Digital Seals

Why get certified?

Certification of Digital Maturity Seals can help recognize the effort and investment a company has made to enhance its digital presence and performance. Achieving these seals can provide access to resources such as funding or partnerships, bringing significant benefits to your company, its customers, and business partners.

The acquisition of this seal enables a phased growth according to its maturity and its certification represents added value in terms of market recognition.

The Digital Maturity Labels encompass three levels of assurance – Bronze, Silver, and Gold, allowing organizations to choose the level of assurance that best suits the needs of the context in which they operate.

Levels of Digital Maturity

This seal is awarded when the organization achieves at least the bronze level in all four dimensions.

This seal is awarded when the organization scores between 10 to 13 points, with at least two silver seals.

This seal is awarded when the organization scores between 14 to 16 points, with at least two silver seals and two gold seals.

How we perform.

1. Application Analysis

Analisar candidaturas e comunicar a aceitação/rejeição da candidatura ao
processo de certificação

2. Evaluation through audit

Realizar o processo de avaliação, decidir sobre a concessão da certificação e emitir o certificado de conformidade

3. Certification and Seal Acquisition

Registar a certificação concedida no portal da INCM e respetiva solicitação do Selo


What are the benefits for your company?


Competitive advantage over non-certified entities, demonstrating your commitment to the implemented seal(s).


Strengthens the connection felt by your customers and end-users, as well as their trust and loyalty.


Digital channels according to European standards.

Responsabilidade Social

Enhances social inclusion and resource optimization.

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