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The issue of reconciling professional, family and personal life is increasingly an emerging need.

NP 4552 - Management System for Reconciliation between Professional, Family and Personal Life is a Portuguese standard certifiable that helps in the definition and implementation of measures and good practices within of an organization that aim to elevate the well-being, quality of life and satisfaction of all involved.

Why implement it?

  • Compatible with organizations' strategy and adaptable to existing processes;

  • Ensure balance between the needs of employees and the organization's objectives;

  • Improvement of the organization's performance and reputation;

  • Integration of more effective and targeted requirements to the needs of all employees.

Strongstep supports the analysis and definition of goals, resources, risks and opportunities for a correct implementation of the reconciliation standard.

How we perform.

Assessment of Normative Requirements

Identification of requirements that the organization does not comply with


Training and raising awareness of those responsible for critical areas

Workshops & Follow-ups

Risk and opportunity control adapted to the company context

Planning Aspects of Conciliation

Moment of assessment of the organization's compliance level at different stages


Audit and reporting with improvement actions


What are the benefits for your company?

Increased productivity

Reduction of conflicts in the articulation between professional, family and personal life.

Acquisition and retention of talent

More satisfied and committed employees.

Improved corporate image

Organization differentiates itself from the competition.

Investment attraction

Organization with socially responsible principles.

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A sua empresa ainda não implementou a norma portuguesa da Conciliação entre Vida Profissional, Familiar e Pessoal.
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