About Us

On June 9, 2009 Strongstep, a spin-off of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, was born. Today it is a company dedicated to process improvement, with the goal of helping organizations with whom it collaborates to adopt the best international management practices in software engineering and information security.

How we work.

Our performance is based on principles of efficiency and excellence, supported by a team with expertise in the use of best practices and through partnerships with world reference institutions.

We intend to induce change in organizations, representing a firm, sustained and innovative step - a strong step, consolidating our progress towards the top.

The quality of our services, coupled with the competence that is recognized by our customers and the experience of our team, make Strongstep a renowned company
in process consulting.


We are committed to promoting the improvement of software development processes and information security through the implementation of practices that concern the company's main tools: people, processes and technologies.
We have a pragmatic, dynamic and results-oriented approach, which promotes cooperation between companies, universities and world reference institutions.


We want to leave our mark and our contribution in the world of software quality and information security. Our goal is to work not only for, but also with our clients, aligning their processes and business goals efficiently and effectively. As drivers of change management, we are dedicated to making our partners' workforces more mature, motivated and productive, enabling more agile and competitive organizations.


The Strongstep team consists of several consultants with combined experience of decades in areas such as software engineering, information security, business, management and compliance. In order to ensure the best results and performance, our consultants complement their experience with frequent training sessions and certifications in the most reputable models used and required in the market.

ITmark Certification

Strongstep reached an important milestone on the 29th of July 2015, the ITMark Services certification and in July 2017 it was awarded the ITMark Services Premium certification becoming the first European company to achieve both. ITMark combines several improvement models into a single Quality Management System and assesses and certifies processes focused on three main areas: Business Management, Service Management and Safety Management.

Walk towards success.

You are one step away from achieving guaranteed improvement of your products and services.

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