Under the RGPD, all authorities, public bodies and organizations whose main activity is the control and processing of special categories of personal data on a large scale must designate a Data Protection Officer –DPO.

The designation of DPO (internal or external) can facilitate the compliance of organizations' performance with the RGPD and provide a vcompetitive advantage to companies in the digital market.

Why implement it?

  • Promotion of best practices for data protection;
  • Mandatory for financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, public entities and entities whose activities consist of large-scale data monitoring, among others;
  • Mediation with the management, IT infrastructure and information security coordination of organizations;

Strongstep provides external DPO services in order to ensure that its clients are in compliance with the Regulations.

How we perform.

  • Advising and monitoring compliance with the Data Protection Rules and Regulations;
  • Advice on Data Protection Impact Assessments (PIA);
  • Collaboration with data protection authorities;
  • Legislative updates and news on RGDP with an impact on the organization.


What are the benefits for your company?


Compliance of data processing with applicable standards.


Proof of data privacy obligations.


Awareness of the importance of predicting security incidents.


Cooperation with the supervisory authority.


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