ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) which ensures consistency and improvement of work practices, including the products produced and services provided.

It is a standards-based system, which specifies procedures for achieving an effective quality management system.

Strongstep specializes in the implementation of the standard ISO 9001 in SMEs.

Why implement it?

  • It addresses processes, management systems, involvement of people within the organization, continuous improvement and factual support in decision-making, among other principles;
  • It adopts an appropriate implementation model, monitoring and reviewing a Quality Management System;
  • Composed of definition of rules/requirements and adoption of controls.

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The ISO 9001 is a valuable resource for the management of the company, as it brings together a set of management practices from companies in the global market.

How we perform.

Assessment of Normative Requirements

Identification of requirements with which the organization is not in compliance


Training and awareness-raising of those responsible for critical areas

Workshops & Follow-ups

Tailored to the content of documents and tools used, adapting to the company's context

Process Monitoring & Review

Moments of assessing the organisation's compliance level at different stages


External audit conducted by an independent auditor


What are the benefits for your company?

Customer focus

Meets customer needs and ensures that products and services will be created according to what is defined by the company


Establishment of design, planning, product production and/or service delivery processes

Reaching new markets

Improved image in the market and access to new opportunities

Increased competitiveness

Credibility to develop secure business relationships within the supply chain


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