The CMMI for Services was based on CMMI concepts and practices and other standards and models focused on IT service management. This model helps organizations provide their services with higher quality, more efficiently and more effectively.

The CMMI for Services translates into a new dimension of best practices in service management that complement the software development cycle, acting as a catalyst for a service culture in companies traditionally oriented towards product development.

Why implement it?

  • Following a continuous improvement guideline, with impact on multiple processes integrated in an organization;


  • Reinforcement in performance improvement and in the quality of the services provided;


  • Orientation on the definition of requirements, compliance with agreements and capacity management for continuous provision of services;


  • Support on the business long-term strategy .

Strongstep was responsible for the first successful process implementation in Portugal, according to the CMMI standard for Services.

How we perform.

  • Project evaluation and planning;


  • Training


  • Continuous monitoring and support in reporting;


  • Definition and implementation of processes;


  • Certification.


Get to know some of the areas where we operate.


Guarantee of results according to customer expectations

Cost reduction

Incident forecasting and control in impact of process interruptions


Top quality service delivery


Improving the structure of services generates more profit for organizations

Case Studies

Get to know some of the areas where we operate.


The Deloitte Delivery Center achieved certification in CMMI Services through the completion of the project in partnership with Strongstep.

This model helps organizations to provide their services with greater quality, efficiency and effectiveness.


Get to know some of the areas where we operate.

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