The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) is dedicated to thoughtful leadership through the development of comprehensive frameworks and guides.

These include internal control, enterprise risk management, and fraudulent arrest, designed to improve organizational performance and oversight and to reduce fraud in organizations.

Why implement it?

  • Risk assessment and management and goal setting related to the organization's strategy;

  • Certification of effective communication and compliance with laws and regulations;

  • Acquisition of parameters to define the effectiveness of risk management.

Strongstep provides services to support the implementation of the COSO model, relying on an experienced team that identifies requirements for compliance with best practices.

How we perform.

Project Planning

Estabelecimento de política de gestão de risco e análise

Controlo de Atividades

Consciencialização dos responsáveis pelas áreas críticas

Workshops & Follow-ups

Processo de registo de fraude e ações corretivas

System Review

Moments of assessing the organisation's compliance level at different stages


Monitorização de risco e apresentação de resultados e melhoria dos processos


What are the benefits for your company?

Improved internal controls

Risk control and definition of internal procedures.


Increased satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Cost management

Vulnerability management and reduction of costs generated by failures.

Strengthening the organization

Aumento da credibilidade da organização e na retenção de recursos humanos.


Get to know some of the areas where we operate.

CMMI for Development
ITMARK for Development
ISO 27001

Functional Analysis

Duration: 16h

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Software Acquisition Management

Duration: 8h

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