ITmark is a certification scheme designed for IT SMEs that allows them to achieve higher levels of organizational effectiveness in business processes dedicated to development, as well as the maintenance of systems, applications, and software products.

In the case of the ITmark & RGPD model there is a larger framework of the business in the information security area in accordance with the General Regulations of the Data Protection.

Why implement it?

  • Extension of necessary requirements regarding the compliance with the standards required by the ITmark certificate;
  • Creation of processes suited to the activity of each organization in accordance with the RGPD;
  • Support on the business model review .

Strongstep was the one that helped most organizations in obtaining the ITmark certification in Portugal since it began to be awarded, certifying all the entities with which it worked.

How we perform.

Requirements Analysis

Identification of requirements with which the organization is not in compliance

Interviews & Documentation Review

Tailored to the content of documents and tools used, adapting to the company's context

Results presentation

Momento de avaliação do nível de conformidade da organização em diferentes etapas, nas diferentes áreas de atuação


External audit conducted by an independent auditor


What are the benefits for your company?


Interviews and collection of information to identify the level of RGPD compliance


Defects reduction and for a higher quality of the product/service provided

Full service

Coverage of several areas, from privacy consents to incident management


Improving the structure of services generates more profit for organizations

Case Studies

What our customers say.


Strongstep in collaboration with CIMPAS implements the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).


Get to know some of the areas where we operate.

ITMARK for Development
ISO 27001

Accelerate GDPR with ISO 27001

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ISO 27001 Introduction

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