The ISO 27701 is a privacy extension of ISO 27001 – Information Security Management and ISO 27002 – Information Security Controls.

This international standard arises from the need to give greater importance to personally identifiable information, establishing a series of requirements in order to define, implement and maintain compliance with privacy regulations.

Why implement it?

  • Adoption of an appropriate model for implementing, monitoring and reviewing all personal identity information in the ISMS;
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Acting in the areas of telecommunications, application security, protection of the physical environment, HR, licensing and business continuity;
  • Definition of rules/requirements and adoption of controls regarding personally identifiable information.

How we perform.

Assessment of Normative Requirements

Identificação dos requisitos nos quais a organização não está em conformidade


Formação e consciencialização dos responsáveis pelas áreas críticas

Workshops & Follow-ups

Ajustados ao conteúdo dos documentos e ferramentas utilizadas, adaptando-se ao contexto da empresa

Process Monitoring & Review

Momento de avaliação do nível de conformidade da organização em diferentes etapas


Auditoria externa realizada por auditor independente


Get to know some of the areas where we operate.

Confidence in managing personal information

Compliance with privacy regulations regarding personally identifiable information

Facilitates commercial agreements


Get to know some of the areas where we operate.

NP 4552
ISO 20000
ISO 27001

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