SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)

SAFe is an Agile framework that drives faster time-to-market, sustains dramatic increases in productivity and quality and improved employee engagement within an organization. This framework is designed to help businesses deliver value continuously and more efficiently, giving a knowledge base of proven, integrated principles and practices to support business agility.

Why implement it?

  • Supports the business when there are significant dependencies between agile teams or agile teams and support/functional teams
  • Creates greater interaction and improved communication between stakeholders and development teams
  • It has a targeted approach to risk control and transparency in product delivery
  • A framework ajuda a coordenar fornecedores e clientes em grandes amplitudes geográficas

O SAFe consiste num gráfico de síntese e numa série de 12 artigos que descreve uma estratégia e um conjunto ordenado de atividades.

How we perform.

  • Process evaluation and planning;

  • Training

  • Implementation review;

  • Monitorização e follow-up.


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Quality improvement


Time-to-market is 50% faster


Increased involvement and commitment of the company's employees.


Elimination of unnecessary work and identification and removal of backlogs.

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