Information security in the automotive sector

What is it?

TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is a standard that aims to prove the compliance of organizations in the automotive industry with regard to security levels of information defined, allowing the sharing of the evaluation results in a designated platform.

This assessment mechanism is based on a set of widely accepted information security requirements defined on the basis of VDA-ISA requirements, adapted from the recognized international standard, ISO 27001, for the automotive industry.

Sabia que a TISAX combina requisitos da VDA-ISA e ISO 27001 de forma a atingir as especificidades do setor automóvel? 

Why implement it?

  • Maturity Level Establishment da company based on a widely used valuation mechanism;
  • Three action different areas: Information Security, Prototype Protection and Protection of Personal Data;
  • Best risk management in emergency situations.

How we perform.

  • Initial Analysis of existing processes and requirements and later indication of nonconformities;
  • Workshops de consciencialização e implementação relativamente à segurança da informação na indústria automóvel; 


  • Support on document preparation and requested processes of the standard;
  • CertCertification


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Competitive advantage

Credibility to develop secure business relationships

Resource reduction

Standardization of processes and documentation that help to reduce wasted resources and avoid duplication


Increased awareness and participation of employees on the topic

Growing confidence

Broad and complete approach to Information Security


Get to know some of the areas where we operate.

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