ISO 22301

The standard ISO 22301 was developed to help to respond effectively to events that may interrupt the normal functioning of the organization.

A ISO 22301 consists of specifying requirements so that organizations can continually improve their capabilities, in order to implement and operate measures aimed at improving a business continuity management system.

Why implement it?

  • Adoption of an adequate model for the implementation, monitoring and review of a Business Continuity Management System;
  • Acting in various business areas, as it is applicable to all organizations, regardless of their nature;
  • Composed by the definition of rules/requirements and adoption of controls.

Did you know that the specific requirements of this certification are generic, meaning it can be implemented in any type of organization?

How we perform.

  • Initial analysis of the company's processes, requirements and controls;
  • Business Continuity Management System implementation and maintenance workshops;
  • Support in the preparation of documents and processes required by the Standard;
  • Preparation for the certification audit. 


What are the benefits for your company?

Cost reduction

Prevention of losses that result directly and indirectly from process disturbances.

Increased productivity

Improved holistic understanding, practices and operational performance of the organization.

Aligned with other standards

Resposta a requisitos específicos de outras normas como a ISO 27001.

Strengthen credibility

Increased competitive advantage and improved reputation.


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