Throughout some contacts we have received, we know that we are the target of a smishing campaign.

If you have received an SMS or WhatsApp message asking you to provide personal information or transfer money, do not do it - STRONGSTEP NEVER ASKS FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION OR MONEY TRANSFERS. There are websites with our name and logo (strongstep) that do not represent us and are attempting to scam users. Do not provide any type of data and report spam/fraud attempts. 

Your security is our number one priority. 

What you can do: 

  • Always check the sender of suspicious emails/SMS and the URLs before clicking on them. 
  • Make sure you are on our official website ( Strongstep only has this website and no other (we repeat: it must be with the .pt termination). 
  • Contact us directly through our official channels only if you have any questions
  • Report your security incident to the National Cybersecurity Center - CERT (sending screenshots with the respective messages): 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

Strongstep Team.