How to grow internationally?

Have you ever thought of revisiting your organisation's service portfolio and increasing its efficiency and quality? We have the solution.

With a certification in CMMI for Services you can improve the service management practices that complement the software development cycle, especially in companies traditionally oriented to product/project development.

What are the main needs felt by a company to resort to certification in CMMI Services?

  • Need for standardisation, monitoring and control of the services provided;
  • Continuous evaluation of service quality indicators enabling effective management of services;
  • Need for improvement in the quality of services.

The CMMI for Services model was based on standards, models focused on IT service management and the good practices of the CMMI Institute methodology with the aim of raising organisational performance and helping to obtain better results. It is used in companies of different sizes and segments, in dozens of countries, to improve their service offering.

Doubt that the CMMI for Services model is the best decision for your company? See here the key benefits of this certification:

Deloitte Delivery Center achieved certification in CMMI Services through the completion of the project in partnership with Strongstep, thus taking another important step towards its internationalization. Congratulations on yet another achievement! It was a pleasure to contribute to the success of this project.

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