Cybersecurity Maturity
Model Certification

The CMMC model (Cybersecurity Maturity Model) is a reference tool that combines various cybersecurity standards and best practices and represents these controls and processes at various maturity levels, ranging from basic security care to more advanced ones.

This introduction is done through an effective culture change supported by agile practices and engineering excellence, consisting of the review and implementation of processes appropriate to the organizational context and each project.

Why implement it?

  • It acts as a differentiating factor in companies that want to compete in markets such as the USA and Europe, and is present in several specifications;

  • It increases companies' credibility as the only official certification in the field of cybersecurity;

  • It has a tiered structure that makes it accessible to any company.

Did you know that CMMC certification has become mandatory for companies or organizations that are part of the US DoD Defense Industry Database (DIB) requirements chain since the end of 2020?

How we perform.

Project Planning

Identification of requirements with which the organization is not in compliance


Training and awareness-raising of those responsible for critical areas

Workshops & Follow-ups

Tailored to the content of documents and tools used, adapting to the company's context

System Review

Moments of assessing the organisation's compliance level at different stages


External audit conducted by an independent auditor


What are the benefits for your company?


Well-designed processes limit margins for error.


It ensures risk reduction against a specific set of cyber threats.


It helps companies ensure greater credibility in their cyber processes.


Certification that covers standards and methods already recognized around the world, such as CMMI, NIST 800-171 and ISO 27001.

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