Mental health at the workplace

Driven by the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health at work is an issue that has become increasingly important. As a result of the current situation, uncertainty has ended up become one of the main sources of psychological problems, namely stress. The need to change the daily routine, to adapt to new methods and work tools and to (practically) exclude socializing face to face of our day to day, are some of the factors that most harmed the lives of almost all of us. While some changes have changed our personal life, the effects of mental health at work have been proving to be exceptionally important.

In the new reality that we are all trying to adapt to, new challenges arise daily, exerting increased pressure for us to be able to overcome them. Now more than ever, it is important to promote the importance of mental health. This applies as much to our own lives as it is to the organizations we are part of. Therefore, we can use some strategies to improve the way we deal with our mental health in the context of work:

1. Stay active
The practice of physical exercise helps to maintain your body properly, contributing to your physical and psychological well-being.

2. Try to eat healthy
Healthy eating can boost your sense of well-being, contributing to your mental health.

3. Do meditation
Meditation is one of the best known and most used tools to reduce stress, both personally and at work. Allow yourself to spend time with yourself, for your sake.

4. Keep in touch with others
The human being is a social being. As a result of the pandemic, it became exceptionally easy to lose contact with those you care about most. It is crucial that you try to maintain social relationships, both with colleagues and clients, in order to strengthen the human bonds that remain. Technology should not be seen as compromising social relationships, but rather as a means of maintaining them in the times we live in.

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