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Process Improvement

Strongstep has at the core of its business the process improvement implementation in enterprises, to allow a delivery of service and products with reduced costs, increased productivity and excellence.

Our approach starting point is always the company’s context, through the analysis of their projects, clients and their formal and informal processes, then through workshops, construction sets of new processes, aligned with the best international practices and with a highly dedicated accompanying reaches that change.

Strategic Services

  • Life cycle analysis, strategy of the Organization and implementation of practical measures.
  • Improvements to the software development process, outsourcing and services.
  • A global approach model that provides a comprehensive approach to people, processes, and tools.

Technical services

  • Implementation and refactoring of software development processes:
    • Development and Outsourcing: project management, requirements management and definition, design, integration and coding, test management, quality management and outsourcing management
    • Services (Maintenance): incident and problem management, continuity and capacity management, configurations, metrics and service levels.
    • Models:
  • Implementation of tools to support the software development:
    • Defining processes and selecting appropriate tools: requirements management, test automation and management, project management, management of PMO, service management and demand management
    • Some vendors examples: Microsoft, IBM, Microfocus, Compuware and also open source tools.


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