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Itmark is a certification model designed for IT SMEs that allows them to achieve better levels of organizational efficiency in the business processes dedicated to development as well as maintenance of systems, applications and software products. It was created by ESI (European Software Institute) and is based on CMMI, Ten squared (10²), EFQM, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and 27002.

Itmark evaluates the process of business management, software development and information security.

ITMark certification  allows the reduction of costs for SMEs. This is a perfect starting point for process improvement in companies, allowing international recognition and turning them more competitive.

ITMark Levels

  • ITMark
    • Certifies that the company is alert to the subjects related with the technical administration, security and business and it has been accomplishing the appropriate steps for controlling it.
  • ITMark Premium
    • Certifies that the company has achieved a good level of capacity of its business, security and software development processes according to certain recognized models in the world.
  • ITMark Elite
    • Certifies that the company has achieved a high level of definition and institutionalization of its Business, Security and Software Development processes and the quality of its products is good due to its continuous improvement process.



Portuguese companies recognized with international certificates – ITMARK

Strongstep is proud to present the outcome of project Actor ITMARK from Inova-Ria where the first cluster of innovative technology companies has now been successfully completed, for the first time in Portugal. All the assessed companies have achieved this certification.

The ACTOR project – “Apostar na Certificação das Empresas TICE Organizadas em Rede” is a Anchor Project of TICE.PT Pole , supported by COMPETE under the Incentive System Qualification and Internationalisation of SMEs. The project aims qualifying companies TICE in several benchmarks of quality contributing to the improvement of its competitiveness.

  • Process improvement of product development and services
  • Improvement of other critical processes of the organization: business and security
  • Low cost and quick implementation of the improvements
  • Philosophy of quality
  • Internationally recognized (Latin America, Iberia, Australia, Eastern Europe, etc.)

Note: The basis of the improvement project is the implementation of critical CMMI practices for SMEs

How was ITmark implemented at Wavecom and what were the advantages for company?


Strongstep interviews Nuno Marques, Director at Wavecom

What is the importance and impact of ITMARK at Enermeter?


Strongstep interviews Teresa Martins, Director at Enermeter

How was the process of implementing ITMARK and what were the benefits for Micro I/O?


Strongstep interviews Paulo Bartolomeu, IDI Director of Micro I/O

        About the companies involved in the ITMark Certification

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