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Business Strategy

1-ITMark business evaluations

  • IT PMEs have the feeling that improvement modules are “too heavy” for them;
  • PMEs implement this models only if demanded by its customers
  • An adequate PME module should help to:
    • Improve Software Process;
    • Improve other important processes, like business area and information security;
    • Entering quality culture;
    • Recognizing excelence.
  • ITMark is a certificate specifically designed for IT PMEs;
  • ITMark allows IT PMEs to:
    • Evaluate the technical and management processes through models and standards recognized on the IT industry;
    • Starting an improvement initiative;
    • Obtaining organization’s committement visibility and acknowledgement with quality.


  • Business management process avaliation, according to the European Software Institute – Tecnalia’s methodology:
    • Ten squared (10²), EFQM e ISO9001
      •  10² is methodology tool to evaluate Business Management related to the best industry practices (“benchmarking”);
      • Particularly usefull for software organizations;
      • 71 business items classified in 10 categories.


  • Atividades:
    • Os consultores explicam as categorias e conceitos de negócio
    • São avaliadas 10 categorias do método
    • Os dados de avaliação são inseridos na ferramenta e é obtido o relatório com os resultados da avaliação
  • Exits:
    • Business evaluation presentation;
      • Current situation of business evaliuation, 10 categories;
      • According to international benchmarking, taking into account enterprise’s life cycle stage;
      • Business action plan development, to be implemented in a 6 months period;
      • Re-evaluation of the current situation after the implementaion period.
    • Analyzed categories:
      • Market;
      • Management;
      • Products and Services;
      • Marketing, Sales and Distribution;
      • Strategic Plan;
      • Financial Management;
      • Customer Profile Analysis;
      • Investement Factors;
      • Production and Development;
      • Human and Society Resources.
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