The Cybersecurity Stamp Certificate aims to witness the certified entity's commitment to cybersecurity and the inclusion of cybersecurity as a benchmark in the culture of the organisation, motivating it towards digital transformation.

This seal can be acquired by organisations of all sizes (with particular focus on small and medium-sized organisations) and typologies, whether in the private sector, public sector, municipalities and even Civil Society organisations.

Why implement it?

Compreende três níveis de garantia – Bronze, Prata e Ouro, que permitem à organização selecionar o nível de garantia mais adequado às suas necessidades de cibersegurança e às necessidades do contexto em que se inserem.

The acquisition of this seal enables a phased growth according to its maturity and its certification represents added value in terms of market recognition.

Did you know that the National Centre for Cybersecurity (CNCS) developed the seal following the creation of the National Cybersecurity Certification Framework and is the first national certification scheme for cybersecurity?

How we perform.

Requirements Assessment

Analysis of existing cybersecurity processes and controls


Training and raising awareness of those responsible for critical areas

Process Monitoring & Review

Creating the necessary policies and controls


Preparation for the certification audit

Garantimos um nível bronze com implementação em poucas semanas!


What are the benefits for your company?


Melhorar a cibersegurança e torná-la mais resiliente.

Cost reduction

Reduces unnecessary and avoidable costs resulting from security breaches and protects the organisation's brand.


Competitive advantage in relation to non-certified entities.


It strengthens the connection between customers and end users.

The ISO 27001 eBook is here!

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Security standard?
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What our customers say.

Cycloid was one of the PIONEER companies certified with the cybersecurity stamp, with Strongstep's support.

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