MDI 4.0

The Diagnostic and Impact Model 4.0, "MDI 4.0" is the first step to be taken to enter the 4th industrial revolution and is designed so that you can have a vision aspects and characteristics that will influence it.

Through this diagnostic model, companies will be able to identify priority improvement opportunities on the way to joining Industry 4.0.

Why implement it?

  • Intelligent management of information from the connected organization;

  • Integrated and intelligent management of logistics;

  • Mass Customization, creation of new digital products or services;

  • Reduction of design and engineering effort;

  • Creating safer and value-added jobs.

This model will make your company more connected, flexible, automated and eco-sustainable.

How we perform.

  • Evaluation of internal processes;

  • Preparation of diagnostic reports;

  • Identification of improvement opportunities;

  • Implementation and monitoring.


What are the benefits for your company?

Cost and energy reduction

A tecnologia é baseada em nuvem, facilitando a gestão e manutenção dos sistemas.

Increased safety and quality

Constant digital documentation allows you to encode and track all processes.

Improved process efficiency

Establishes contact with the chain of suppliers and customers.

Greater speed and ability to process information

Machines offer a greater number of production and at a lower cost.


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