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Some of our customers: 3Decide, Accelerated Informatics, Adclick, Alert, Altran, Ano, Banco de Moçambique, Barclays, Bitmaker Software, Blip, BPI, Buller Solutions, Carnegie Mellon University, CEDSIF, Celfinet, CMMI Institute, Critical, Efacec, Enermeter, Exictos, F3M Software, Finantech, G9, His, I2S, InnoWave, Intergraph, ISA, ITIJ, K2C, Kopo, Leadership, Link Consulting , MEO, Microsoft, Micro I/O, Multicert, Neoscopic, Nestlé, Parmalat, Practical Way Software, Primavera, PT Inovação, PT Sistemas de Informação, Sage, Simple Solutions, Software Engineering Institute, VisionWay, Xpandit, WAD Software, Wavecom, Wedo, Wipro.

Strongstep clients

Some implemented projects: CMMI DEV level 5 implementation, CMMI for Services, CMMI level 3 implementation; NP4557 Certification (Portuguese Innovation model); Structuring of the development process and project management; Product certification at the level of quality and innovation; Assessment for product quality and safety; structuring of requirements management process, process implementation and management tools and test automation.

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