Innovation and Security with COBIT and ISO 27001: Two Success Stories

The renewal of COBIT (Control Objectives for Information Technologies) for a client like Deloitte is not only a technical process, but also a commitment to excellence, compliance and continuous improvement. 

This renewal represents a guarantee from Deloitte to its client that the organization will be ready to face the ever-evolving challenges in the world of business and technology. This not only enhances the efficiency and security of IT processes but also contributes to the long-term reputation and success of the organization.

In this testimonial, Deloitte Portugal highlights its leadership in delivering technology consulting projects and the importance of adhering to frameworks and best practices. They acknowledge the value they provide but emphasize the need for external audits to ensure compliance with global best practices. 

The Strongstep, a partner in certification renewal, is praised for bringing in new talents and maintaining the desired quality. The partnership between Deloitte and Strongstep is seen as an advantageous situation for both parties, as well as for the clients who receive high-quality services.

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The ISO 27001 audit Plays a fundamental role in ensuring information security and compliance with international standards. It ensures that the organization's security practices align with the rigorous requirements established by ISO 27001, safeguarding data and customer trust.

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