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Aims 2

Project nº: 006405

Support in Incentive System: SI&DT – Co-promotion in Demonstrative Projects

Project Designation: AIMS2 – Accelerated Improvement Method Strongstep 2

Start Date: 2015-12-01      End Date:2017-05-31

Total eligible cost : 180.009,51 €

EU financial support: 100.985,63 €

National public financial support: 17.820,99 €


Project Summary

The AIMS 2 Project comes from a R&D project called AIMS. This new project aims to refine the product that was the previous project’s output and validate this new solution’s economical and technical advantages in front of a real, specialized audience context, therefore, pilots will take place in 3 great activity sectors: stock exchange, automotive industry and telecommunications.

One of the big AIMS 2’s objectives is to validate the product from the technological point of view for commercial usage. The project will be developed by a consortium made of highly qualified entities. Strongstep (lead sponsor), a Software Engineering specialized enterprise whose activity is oriented towards the promotion of software development processes improvement, will have the support of the Port University Engineering College (or FEUP), an SCN entity, overly recognized for its practiced excellence in Scientific Research and with recognized resources in Software Engineering; and Match Profiler, a reference enterprise in the development, implementation and maintenance of solutions for the stock exchange sector; among others.

With the support of

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