A norma ISO / IEC 15504, também conhecida como A-SPICE (Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination) é uma norma internacional que avalia a capacidade e a maturidade dos processos de software de uma organização com foco na indústria automóvel.

It was created to complement ISO/IEC 12207, the standard that defines the Software Engineering process, activities and tasks that are associated with the software lifecycle process from its conception to the delivery and closing of the project.

Why implement it?

  • Control of all phases and areas of management of a project software;

  • Maturity models establish a gradual path for implementing improvements;

  • Criteria for selection and qualification of suppliers by large companies in the automotive sector;

  • It can be used to meet software requirements related to automotive products.

A implementação do A-SPICE melhora gradualmente a qualidade dos projetos de software e a qualidade do produto final e torna as organizações mais competitivas.

How we perform.

  • Process evaluation and planning;

  • Training

  • Revisão da implementação;

  • Monitoring and follow-up;

  • Certification and auditing.


What are the benefits for your company?

Improvement at the company's internal level

Detects and corrects possible failures at all stages of a project.

Market recognition

Differentiating factor against the competition.

Common methodology

Implementation covers all areas.

Increased customer satisfaction

Identification of gaps between current capacity and the level required by the customer.

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