How important is ISO 20000 for companies?

Companies face many challenges on a daily basis. One of these challenges is to ensure that the infrastructures that support the organisation's information systems are kept running smoothly.

What is ISO/IEC 20000?

ISO 20000 is the international standard for IT service quality management, addressing the key operational processes of organisations that rely on IT. Changes within these processes require changes to IT systems - affecting hardware, software, communications and support.

ISO 20000 also ensures that your organisation follows a process-based approach, improving your management system and business at the same time. Certification is achieved after an ISO/IEC certified body carries out an independent audit and recommends certification.

What are the benefits of certifying your company with the ISO/IEC 20000 standard?

- It is a service streamlined to meet customer needs;

- Products and services are delivered to meet customer expectations;

- It increases confidence in the ability of organisations to effectively manage their IT services;

- It provides customers with the confidence that their IT services are following an internationally accepted framework.

Investing in ISO/IEC 20000 helps the business to be more competitive and find sales opportunities.


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