The CNCS highlighted the importance of the National Cyberspace Security Strategy in its new bulletin

The National Cybersecurity Center (CNCS) released its latest Security Bulletin, which highlights the importance of National Cybersecurity Strategies to promote public policies on security and resilience in cyberspace. The European Union has encouraged the application of this type of strategies, as is the case with Directive 2022/2555 (NIS 2).

A Estratégia Nacional de Segurança Cibernética em vigor abrange os anos de 2019 a 2023 e já está  em desenvolvimento a próxima ENSC para 2024, com contribuições da comunidade pública e privada.

The current National Cyber Security Strategy focuses on three objectives:

  • Maximizing resilience;
  • Promotion of innovation;
  • Resource guarantee.

After four years, there have been improvements in institutional cooperation, the application of good practices and the creation of training, although cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and there is a lack of human resources.

Portugal advanced in the National Cyber Security Index, moving from 16th place in 2019 to 8th place in 2023 in the global ranking of cybersecurity capacity based on public policies.

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