Microsoft - Most used company for phishing scams

Second quarter 2023

In the second quarter of 2023, Microsoft stood out as the most used company for phishing scams, accounting for 29% of all phishing attack attempts. This data was presented in the “Brand Phishing Report”, published by Check Point Research.

Google ranked second with 19% of attempted attacks, while Apple ranked third with 5% of phishing attacks in that time period. Check Point Research has warned of an increase in phishing campaigns in the financial sector, along with the technology sector and social media, which are also frequent targets.

Tactics used by cybercriminals involved malicious emails that impersonated brands such as Walmart and LinkedIn to obtain account information. These emails try to imitate the official websites of brands, using similar domain names or URLs, as well as a page design similar to the original website, with the intention of stealing credentials and personal information from users.

Phishing attacks are a common form of cyber scam and it is important that users are always vigilant when dealing with suspicious emails or unknown links to protect their personal information and avoid falling into cyber traps.

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