How to stand out your technological solution in today's market

With the growth of the technological industry and the increase in automation of the different sectors of the economy, there has been an exponential growth in the offer of software to the final consumer. As a consequence, it becomes increasingly essential to produce software with high quality standards, software that helps with the user's day-to-day tasks and management.

But what can distinguish your software from the rest? What distinctive factors are important for companies to opt for their technological solution over the competition?

The CMMI Institute, taking these paradigms into account, created the CMMI standard (Capability Maturity Model Integration ) for software development, which is characterized by a set of good practices that will help you and your company to achieve excellence in software.

In this standard, the focus is on all processes that take into account the objectives of the organization. At the same time, helps to understand what the organization's main problems are and why it is unable to respond as effectively as possible to the customers' software needs.

The problems mainly arise in the control and monitoring of data related to project development, such as failure in estimated times, deviation from defined budgets, among others. In addition, efforts are made to standardize a set of steps and best practices within the organization, so that all involved parties have aligned objectives.

The most relevant organizational objectives and to be taken into account in the process of implementing this model are:

– Estimate and carry out project planning effectively and in order to avoid rework

– Conduct risk assessment for the project to prevent unexpected surprises during its course

- Properly gather customer needs and translate them into requirements.

When assisting in the implementation of this set of best practices, Strongstep not only provides a certification but also delivers a seal of excellence. A seal that enables the next client of that organization to know that the desired product will be created with the highest possible quality, without delays, rework, or any hindrances that could affect the performance of the employees.

Download the eBook for free and learn about the set of global best practices that enhance business performance through the creation and comparison of key resources.

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