Organizations have low levels of confidence in security and privacy management

A study conducted by Devoteam Cyber Trust in partnership with IDC revealed the lack of confidence on the part of organizations in the management of security and privacy, due to the increasing rise in cyber threats. Just 31% of organizations said they were able to manage all aspects of security and privacy.

Despite the growing concern about security, the implementation of cyber resiliency is still insufficient in many companies. Just 55% of respondents rank cyber resilience as their top priority, with a well-defined strategy in place.

The study also found that less mature companies look to security service providers for more sophisticated features, while more mature industries have lower demand for these services due to their capabilities. Organizations look to security service providers as a tool to simplify enterprise management and protection.

In the financial services sector, the entry of these services is valued and there is a greater openness to the adoption of more sophisticated technologies. However, even organizations that work internally with security teams or with service providers still face problems of low efficiency and operational capacity.

The study identified some of the most important factors that buyers consider when choosing a security partner, highlighting the following characteristics:

  • 36%: Access to advanced tools such as incident response, threat intelligence and XDR (Extended Detection and Response);
  • 35%: Increased threat monitoring with real-time visibility and faster response;
  • 32%: Large team of certified security specialists and consultants;
  • 28%: Helps to avoid misconfigurations.

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