The influence of good management practices in the world of services

The technology-based services market is gaining more and more importance, at an increasingly accelerated pace. The trend towards digitalization means that service customers seek not only digital alternatives, but also that service providers respond to customer requests immediately, regardless of their nature. The growing importance of these trends places increased pressure on organizations, which will only be able to keep up with the pace of the markets if they increase the efficiency of their processes and resources.

The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Libraryis a framework of recognized best practices accepted internationally crucial to the adequate integration of information technologies in service management, which can support the companies in the key points mentioned above.

These good practices include processes, tasks, procedures, and checklist that, when applied to IT service management, promises to solidify the delivery of these services from organizations. Above all, the main objective of ITIL is to systematize the management of IT services in organizations so that they can become more competent and capable of accompanying the markets in constant change and evolution.

In the process of implementing the ITIL practices with our clients, we first try to transmit the philosophy of systematization of processes and continuous improvement that ITIL promotes. As explored by its practices, a strong organizational culture based on mutual help, knowledge sharing and continuous improvement is the foundation for organizational efficiency and activity development towards the defined objectives. Keeping the focus on creating value for our customers as the model intends, we are able to proactively collaborate and ensure that the practices are accepted and implemented in their daily work, making their benefits clear.

By implementing ITIL good practices, organizations are able to adopt the good management practices, taking advantage of modern and flexible methodologies based on objectives. 

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