NP 4552 - The certification that listens to workers

Worklife Balance (NP 4552)

But what is reconciliation? Reconciliation is a way of organizing work that takes into account the needs and expectations of the worker's family and/or personal life while promoting gender equality.

From this concept arises NP 4552, a Portuguese standard published in 2016, which aims to continuously improve the balance between professional, personal and family life in the companies that implement it. This is achieved through the implementation of a reconciliation management system and compliance with the requirements described in the standard.

Ensuring workers are heard

One of these requirements provides for the definition of interested parties (people who are affected by a decision or activity), where their needs and expectations are assessed. Subsequently, action plans are drawn up and measures implemented that contribute to an improvement in reconciliation.

This collection of needs and expectations is carried out by listening to the interested parties foreseen in the standard, using surveys, interviews and other methods chosen by the organization. These measures provide a benefit for workers, where they are really heard, being the focal point of conciliation. Additionally, their happiness is one of the objectives to be worked on, a differentiating point in the implementation of other management systems.

Practical implementation cases

Some examples of measures that we saw implemented in our clients and that helped to improve reconciliation were:

  1. Remote work
  2. Flexible schedule
  3. Implementation of a “Guide to Good Reconciliation Practices”

Continuous improvement

One of the biggest fears observed in customers at the time of implementation is the concern for a long-term view of this work. Something that is only momentary and that, after some time, is forgotten. However, we can assure you that this will not be a concern.

This management system is based on continuous improvement and, therefore, all implemented measures are periodically reviewed and evaluated in terms of their efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, it is also necessary to assess the needs of workers in the same period, with additional actions being taken whenever necessary.

If the organization does not comply with these plans, its certification may be at risk.

Although still not well known, NP 4552 is a standard with increasing recognition and for good reason. It allows employees to be heard, to improve their balance between professional and personal life, which translates into increased happiness, a sense of accomplishment and, consequently, an improvement in the organization.

A big step towards improving organizations in Portugal.

Download the eBook of NP 4552 for free and learn how to increase the well-being, quality of life and satisfaction of employees.

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