How to accelerate the ISO 27001 certification process to benefit your company

When we talk about information security it is important to know that it is not just about security in the IT aspect of the organization, it also involves everything that is infrastructure, legal protection, process and people management. For this reason, it is essential to have a comprehensive view to truly guarantee information security for the entire organizational business.

In a large number of organizations, we are faced with concerns regarding information security, however, they are care that must be improved and must have a broader vision and for the entire organization.

The ISO 27001 implementation process depends on the size and complexity of the management system, but in most cases, SMEs can expect to complete the process within 6 to 12 months.

As this is a complex process and, on some occasions, mandatory for some companies, there is sometimes urgency in completing the implementation and certification. Most companies do not want to allocate more time than is strictly necessary and one of the questions that customers ask us almost always is “Is there a way to speed up the process? ?”. Yes, there is, as long as some steps are followed to the letter.

When working with a client whose project requirement is how fast it runs, we suggest 10 important points to keep in mind:

1 – Make the certification your priority and involve as many of your team members and other resources as possible

2 – Choose your scope carefully and remember that it may be re-evaluated later

3 – Keep activities simple, resisting the temptation to address all objectives, assets, and specific improvements unnecessarily.

4 – Think about the risk your company is willing to take and accept

5 – Be rigorous in the application of controls, making a selection of those that really suit your business

6 – Ensuring that the policies the company implements are simple and that they facilitate compliance

7 – Conduct an early management review to highlight areas that should be reassessed

8 – Plan the internal audit prior to certification in detail with the consultants in charge of the project

9 – Retain and review all points addressed by the auditor in the first phase of the external audit

10 – Remember that the purpose of implementing the standard is to guarantee the security of your company. It's not worth risking this effort just thinking about saving the company time and money.

Remember that by improving processes in different areas, as well as controlling risks and threats and developing plans that allow you to establish consistent and realistic goals from the outset, your organization will be able to achieve goals that will become absolute advantages in the market.

Better financial planning allows management to be able to allocate revenue to all important sectors with greater balance, help direct investments and reduce costs.

The organization manages to stand out in the market as a company that has a commitment to information security. This is important and helps to increase competitive advantage.

Customers feel safer to trust and negotiate with the organization, without fearing problems of accidental exposure of their personal data, for example.

After implementing and getting used to this practice, the organization will gain a new vision regarding adaptation to market changes, focusing on its growth and business continuity.

Talk to our ISO 27001 consultants and start the process of implementing a system of information security management.

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