Strongstep has a new service evaluation completely free of charge

Aware of the importance of evaluating internal processes in a company and the lack of time or knowledge to do so, we decided to complement our service portfolio and develop an option for free preliminary analysis.

What is this analysis for?

The objective is to identify the risk and performance indicators of any organization, within the scope of Information Security, Process Improvement, Software Development and Service Management and to present suggestions for improvement and actions to be taken.

Após o preenchimento do formulário, um consultor especializado na categoria que selecionou vai analisar as suas respostas e elaborar um relatório, tendo em conta a informação fornecida relativamente ao contexto da sua empresa.

Anticipate important decisions

  • Identify risks in your work environment
  • Organize and systematize tasks
  • Guide and empower your team

Check the preliminary analysis page and anticipate setbacks.

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