Service management as value added to your business

The services market is constantly growing. Whether due to digitalization or as a result of the need to satisfy on demand needs (among others), the success of organizations is increasingly dependent on their ability to provide services that meet and exceed the expectations of their customers, both in terms of price and quality of services provided. As such, only through proper service management can organizations ensure the competitiveness of their offer.

ISO 20000 is the first international standard specifically focused on management of services, namely IT services. In a first phase and through the implementation of the requirements of ISO 20000 it is possible to identify all factors (internal and external) and all entities involved and relevant in the business and in the provision of services of an organization. This is followed by the formal identification of the services provided in a service catalogue, where all relevant information about the services is listed and detailed, in order to structure the activity and scope of the business and to facilitate the preparation of proposals by the sales tems. As service management alone does not ensure that an organization's activity runs smoothly and without obstacles, the standard also allows companies to guide companies in the management of risks, problems, changes and service requests.

When implementing ISO 20000, we want more than just give you the tools to get a certification. It is necessary to depend on a strong organizational culture and a mindset of continuous improvement, so that the implementation of the requirements of the standard is accompanied by training actions and tools that allow maintaining and improving the Service Management Systems over time. While keeping a focus on employee training, it is essential to ensure that the difference is made and that the ability of companies to achieve and exceed their business objectives is stimulated.

Thanks to the implementation of an adequate management system, organizations will be able to develop mechanisms that allow them to keep up with the pace of a constantly evolving market, becoming able to maintain competitiveness regardless of the challenges they face.

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