Cyber ​​attack on Revolut affected data of thousands of customers

Revolut confirmed this Tuesday that it was the target of a cyberattack that exposed the personal data of thousands of users.

The company added that “a small percentage (0.16%) of customers was affected during a short period of time”. However, Revolut did not provide further details regarding affected customers, only indicating that those who did not receive an email were not impacted.

There's a great possibility that “hackers” have gained access to names, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers. Despite this, Revolut reinforced that the “hackers” “did not access or steal funds from clients”. “Our customers' money is safe – just as it has always been. All customers can continue to use their cards and accounts normally.”

Recent times have been very intense in terms of security flaws. Last Thursday, a hacker managed to access Uber's internal systems and just this week the news was released that the group of hackers who go by the name of Ragnar Lock published the data of 1.5 million TAP customers.

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