To mark the return of face-to-face events, Strongstep presented the 4th edition of Steptalks in Dublin, at the Portuguese Embassy.

It was an afternoon full of various testimonies, bringing together irish and portuguese professionals, experts in the field of technology.

The event was attended by Denis Ryan from NSAI, who explained how the EU Cybersecurity Law helps establish a base of requirements for cybersecurity certifications that will be recognized across the EU region, presenting the national certification framework.

Eddie Kilbane explored the topic of physical security, policies and security norms, in a presentation aimed at Data Center Security, while Luís Cunha suggested cybersecurity tips and new technologies, complementing with the 5 cybersecurity trends for C-Level.

Representing WYgroup, Rui Faias reinforced the importance of teaching data protection concepts to employees and creating a secure digital economy when talking about the professional environment and data protection in a changing world.

To close the topic of information security, Bruna Batista showed how it is possible to make a correspondence between ISO27001 and GDPR, emphasizing the benefits of implementing the two services together.

To present the service management challenges in application management projects, the event welcomed Hugo Colaço, who highlighted the importance of service management by showing an example of a project implemented in a financial institution.

Finally, referring to the balance between professional and personal life, Russell Moore introduced the theme “Leveraging your remote Portuguese Workforce” on behalf of Aspira, reflecting on the challenges and opportunities created by the pandemic, remote work concepts, talents and communication protocols and explained why the “Portugal project” was created, based on highly skilled workforce, language skills, time zone and work-life balance.

Pedro Castro Henriques (Strongstep) made a very positive retrospective at the end of the event, stating that Steptalks not only achieved but exceeded his expectations.

“We managed to bring together professionals from different sectors, who are used to working with different methodologies. It was very interesting to listen to each and every one of them, I thought it was important that they shared their own experiences, something they had witnessed, and not just the theory and basic concepts. All the speakers shared their difficulties, problems they faced and the solutions they came up with to solve them, I was very happy with the result”.

Strongstep's CEO also confirmed that these conferences will continue to be planned, with different themes, speakers and locations.   

“We will soon organize another edition of Steptalks, it's a possibility to do it again in Dublin but we also have other locations in mind. We want to continue to bring together technology professionals in the same scope, maintaining an informal environment in which people have fun learning and feel free to share new ideas.”

The presentations will soon be available on the event page at