Sonae targeted by cyber attack

It was in the early hours of Wednesday that Sonae MC, owner of Continente, suffered a cyberattack. Customer cards, applications and even physical stores are disrupted.

“Due to a computer attack, the Continente Card and Gift Card services are temporarily unavailable. Payments with ATM card with anomalies”. This was the message that customers received when they went to the Continente supermarket.

The Continente website is still without service, mentioning that it is undergoing maintenance.

The extensão do ataque informático ainda está a ser avaliado pelo grupo Sonae, que está a tentar perceber se os dados dos clientes ficaram comprometidos.

The teams of the Sonae group “are working to investigate the disturbance” and “restore, as soon as possible, the normal functioning of the activity”.

Since the beginning of 2022, several companies have been victims of cyber attacks.

The attack on Grupo IMPRESA, owner of SIC and Expresso, took place in the early days of the year and caused extensive damage to the companies' information files. In February, Vodafone was also the target of a computer attack, which had a major impact on the functioning of the company's services.

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