Cyberattacks against Ukrainian government increased by almost 200%

Cyberattacks against Ukraine's public administration and military sector increased by 196% in the first three days of combat, according to Check Point Research (CPR) data. On the side of Russian organizations, the increase was 4%.

The Ukrainian public administration and military sector experienced a 196% increase in the number of cyberattacks in the first three days of the conflict, compared to the first days of February 2022.

“Cyber ​​activity is increasing around the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. We are seeing increases in the number of cyberattacks on both sides, with the Ukrainian government and military sector seeing the biggest increase. It's important to understand that the current war also has a cyber dimension, where people "online" are choosing sides, from the "dark web" ("hidden" sites) to social media," says Lotem Finkelstein, chief information officer. on threats at Check Point Software, quoted in the release.

The CPR also points to a sevenfold increase in the number of phishing emails (fraudulent) sent in East Slavic languages, with a third of these emails addressed to Russian recipients being sent from Ukrainian e-mails, real or fake.

“Always check the email address of the email sender. Be aware of any misspellings in emails. And check that the email sender is authentic. We will continue to monitor all sides of cyber activity around the ongoing war,” says Lotem Finkelstein.

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