Reduce your company's software development costs

Although the IT area is a strategic segment for any company, many managers in this area are pressured to optimise resources or reduce costs, that is, it is necessary to make correct decisions regarding the leadership of people, resources and systems.

With this as products/services are delivered with less time and money spent, the greater are the chances of a company achieving sustainable growth if it meets the needs of the target audience.

At Strongstep, we know what can be done within your company to reduce costs, especially in software development.

Tips to reduce software development costs:

1. Process redesign
Process redesign is one of the most important tips for reducing costs in software development.
Firstly, it is necessary to evaluate the current processes with a targeted focus on identifying points that hinder the team's productivity.

2. Creating goals
After the redesigned processes, performance parameters can already be established to decrease spending on the development of new IT solutions. This work should involve the team and achievable indicators so that there is greater commitment and delivery with the goals.

3. Adoption of new technological trends
Allowing employees to work with their own personal devices for work (BYOD - Bring Your Own Device) can also help reduce equipment purchase costs. But for the adoption of this measure, it is necessary to create an information security policy that must be obeyed by employees.
Cloud storage is also another practice that can help reduce costs in software development, especially for use as a testing platform.

4. Decentralization of decisions
Delegating more tasks that involve decisions of several team members, without having to wait for the leader's decision, can help to accelerate productivity and reduce costs indirectly. For the implementation of this action, it is always necessary to count on the most experienced employees to collaborate with the younger ones.

5. IT Infrastructure Optimization
Companies should invest in top IT resources or hire vendors who are responsible for this area. Employees must have uninterrupted access to work tools. This favors productivity and the reduction of time and costs in the creation of systems and applications.

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