Increase information security through workforce development

When we think of the topic of cybersecurity and ways to improve our organisation on this topic, we usually think of infrastructure and IT and measures related to these resources.

However, there is still another resource that we must take into consideration, people. The workforce of an organisation is one of the variables with the most weight when it comes to the security of the information shared in the work environment and, therefore, we must take it into consideration when we make a plan of measures to maintain cybersecurity.

The following are some of the precautions that should be taken with regard to an organisation's workforce.

  1. Workforce development

 Being strategic in Human Resources (HR) which will make it possible to realise:

  • Workforce needs:
  • How to hire the right workers for clearly defined jobs;
  • How to enhance employee skills;
  • How to create and implement programmes that retain the best talent;
  1. Adopting a cybersecurity mindset

Develop awareness campaigns on potential security risks for the entire workforce of the organisation.

  1. Developing alternative management strategies

Recruit and retain employees who love casual working environments, creative mindsets and cutting-edge technologies known for their flexible management strategies.

  1. Understanding work preferences

Recognise work preferences to develop cyber talent management strategies.

  1. Secure online workplace
  • Educate the workforce on good cybersecurity practices;
  • Use password on all devices;
  • Implement two-factor authentication;
  • Be alert;
  • Use VPN;
  •  Make an inventory of all hardware and software present in the organisation.

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