Cybersecurity: the important thing is to get started

In the context of organisations, cybersecurity often emerges as a topic of extreme complexity, making it difficult to prioritise the actions to be taken to ensure an effective approach. However, in most of these cases, the crucial point is to start identifying security risks. Having identified the risks, it will then be feasible to proceed with the cybersecurity strategy.

Guarantee that your organisation's policies meet the identified risks - Policies are the most important element of any strategy, and should be appropriate to the day-to-day activity of the organisation and support the work of employees.

Motive your employees to adopt the policies - as a crucial element to the execution of the cybersecurity strategy, policies only achieve the desired result if employees are aware of their existence and, above all, motivated to act accordingly.

Take tighter security controls - having identified the risks to be addressed and defined the policies that support this activity, it is then necessary to define and implement the necessary security controls. Aspects such as authentication are, while simple, the source of many of the security breaches in organisations.

Although cybersecurity is a complex issue, the simple fact that organisations act on it and dedicate resources to securing their information is a start that will, in the long run, allow them to develop a strategy that protects the organisation against various types of large-scale threats.

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