Portuguese Letter for Human Rights in the digital age

Know your rights, freedoms and guarantees on the Internet.

The Portuguese Letter for Human Rights in the Digital Age was published this Monday in Diário da República and comes into effect in July. It provides rights, freedoms and guarantees for citizens in cyberspace, but also in a social tariff for Internet access.

The diploma has 21 articles and guarantees rights such as the “right to be forgotten”, the right to protection against abusive geolocation or the right to meet, demonstrate, associate and participate in the digital environment.

In terms of fighting “fake news”, the law determines that the State “ensures compliance in Portugal with the European Action Plan against Disinformation” to “protect society against natural or legal persons, de 'jure' or de facto, that produce, reproduce and disseminate narratives” of this type.

Check out the diploma in: https://bit.ly/2SXgJJn

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