5 reasons why weekly meetings are crucial to your team's success

Meetings are one of the most effective tools for strengthening leadership, making important decisions, and strengthening relationships with the entire team.

Let's see why:

1. Make sure the team is aligned

Weekly team meetings can support increased productivity by helping everyone to prioritize their tasks for the coming week.

All members of a team make many decisions every day. Reviewing key metrics and agreeing on next steps will help ensure everyone is working on priorities with the most impact. It's an effective use of time.

2. Strengthen relationships and team cohesion

Holding regular team meetings creates a culture of shared values ​​and open communication. These meetings should be a safe space where the team learns about each other's preferences, discusses new ideas and develops a sense of belonging.

3. Share information and encourage open discussion

In “The Making of a Manager,” Julie Zhuo argues that a large informational meeting is interactive, conveys a clear message, and evokes an intended emotion – be it inspiration, confidence, pride, courage, or empathy.

4. Exchange feedback on projects and ideas

Team meetings are the ideal setting for discussing ideas and exchanging feedback on team projects and ongoing work.

A feedback meeting starts with getting everyone on the same page about the status of each project, clearly framing key decisions and known concerns, and ends with concluding what next steps to take.

5. Show leadership and motivate teammates

Team meetings allow managers to “rally the troops” and ensure that the team feels heard and motivated, ensuring:

    • Construction of psychological safety
    • Setting goals and motivation
    • Involvement of all workers
    • Effective communication
    • Unlocking Issues

Team meetings are the only times when managers can ensure their team is working on the right things, developing a culture of trust and motivating everyone to do their jobs well.

A good team meeting leaves participants feeling connected, valued and fulfilled. This is exactly how every employee should feel after the weekly meeting of your team.

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