Portugal was the victim of 31 malware attacks per hour in January

The research team of the cybersecurity company WatchGuard Threat Lab, released recent data that were published on the Threat Landscape website that point to the fact that Portugal suffered, in January, a total of 22,818 malware attacks, corresponding to a rhythm of 736 attacks. per day or 31 per hour. These numbers show an increase in cybercriminal activity in Portugal compared to the month of December, when there were 17,943 malware attacks, corresponding to 579 per day.

In January, 35% of the malware detected was considered unknown, while the remaining 65% were malware attacks known to cybersecurity experts.

The analysis of the first days of February indicates that the increase in cyberattacks will continue, since in the first days of the month there have already been 3,293 attack attempts, which is equivalent to 46 attacks per hour.

With the imposition of confinement, many companies will continue to work remotely in 2021, thus increasing internet use, also causing more cyberattacks. In addition to the increase in cybercrime directly linked to the pandemic, there has also been an increase in the well-known phishing — a term used to describe fraud involving the theft of victims' personal and financial data.

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