Confined again, how to manage exhaustion?

The Portuguese Government has again introduced more incisive confinement measures, due to the new wave of COVID-19, leading the Portuguese to stay at home with more restrictions on freedom of movement. 

In this way, companies have also faced this new reality, sometimes creating feelings of confusion, bad mood and fatigue in employees, according to Marete Wedell-Wedellsborg by the Harvard Business Review.

Despite good news, such as the distribution of the vaccine against COVID-19, the restrictions of the new confinement arrived as a “bucket of cold water” for the expectations that were given to us of a supposed freedom.  

In the midst of so many difficulties, this scenario may be the toughest leadership challenge of all, posing the question, “What now? What should we do?" “Is it worth strategizing for the future, given that it is so uncertain?” 

It is in this moment of crisis that true leaders, who somehow influence a group of people regardless of their position, must show their strength and example, guiding their entire team towards success. They should then focus on three areas that were presented by Marete Wedell-Wedellsoborg: (1) understanding the difference between urgency and importance; (2) be sensitive to problems but, at the same time, take your employees to action, channeling their feelings to generate results. Finally, (3) plan/modify activities every day, in order to motivate the team, as the routine leads to high wear, fatigue and lack of energy .

In conclusion: be yourself the leaders, the promoters of willpower and make home office not just a job that has to be done, but a necessary means to encourage employees to see that the future will be great and full of hope.


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