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Kirk Botula, Keynote Speaker of Steptalks, as the software development process

Kirk Botula, Keynote Speaker of Steptalks,

as the software development process.

Last 30 th of May, Strongstep organized a co-conference about “Software Development Information Security”, at Ordem dos Engenheiros in Lisbon.

We had the pleasure to have with us, has speaker, the CMMI Institute’s CEO, Kirk Botula, that sensitized the audience about the advantages for the companies that implement CMMI, and also the hot news about this new technology: CMMI 2.0 .
In his own words:

“We think of the CMMI as an aligment system that allows the organization to focus on its goals and accelerate its performance and ultimately make the world work better”

Cmmi v.2.0 differences of the new model.

Besides his testimony, which you can see on the video above, there are many more benefits that companies can achieve if they make the effort to implement CMMI, such as this examples:

  • With CMMI Model
    • 20% reduction in unit software costs (Lockheed Martin M&DS)
    • Decreased the average number of days late from approximately 50 to fewer than 10 (General Motors)
    • Reduction in defects found from 6.6 per KLOC to 2.1 over 5 causal analysis cycles (Northrop Grumman IT2)
    • 5:1 ROI for quality activities (Accenture)


  • With SW-CMMI Model
    • o 60% reduction in cost of customer acceptance (Thales Research & Technology)
    •  15% improvement in internal on-time delivery (Bosch Gasoline Systems)
    • Most of $2 million savings resulted from early detection and removal of defects (Sanchez Computer Associates, Inc.)

Even when not mandatory on bids or costumer requirements, CMMI certification assures that your company uses the international best practices and achieves a high level of quality, giving to you and your customers a guarantee of excellence in your organization processes.

See also the opening of the conference: Pedro Castro Henriques

Real Testimonials.

David Afonso, vice-presidente da Primavera e Paulo Correia, gestor de projeto CMMI, explicam quais os benefícios que obtém ao fazer esta certificação. 



Renovação CMMI nível 2 Primavera BSS

Deloitte Delivery Center junta-se à elite de empresas internacionais com certificação CMMI nível 3.



Certificação CMMI nível 3 Deloitte

Strongstep apoia InnoWave a obter certificação internacional de segurança de informação (ISO27001) respeitando a proteção de dados (RGPD)



InnoWave Certificação Iso 27001 + RGPD
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