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ITMARK importance at Enermeter (interview with Teresa Martins, Enermeter Director)

What is the importance and impact of ITMARK at Enermeter?

Strongstep interviews Teresa Martins, Director at Enermeter:

  • What is the importance of the ITMark project for Enermeter?
  • What is the impact of the ITMark certificate for Enermeter?

Note: that the video is in Portuguese.

EnerMeter mission is to make available to the market products, systems and services of high quality and expert technical support.

The work done, based on the sale of equipment and developing local solutions and systems, aims to implement a new base to take advantage of technologies, meeting the needs of companies and organizations in automation, measurement, control, communication and data management in order to increase performance of production processes and achieve greater rationalization in the use of energy.

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